PARIS – March 15-17, 2014


Taking place across the world, the DEVELOPNEUR events through elite pitch competitions & hackathons identify and promote the emerging talents and start-ups destined to fuel the tech industry. Each DEVELOPNEUR event is composed of both of the following items.


An elite competition for entrepreneurial & innovative developers, joining forces to produce – within 2 days – the best applications running on the world’s leading and rising platforms (to join each DEVELOPNEUR’s hackathon, developers are selected from thousands of applicants). JOIN NOW!


An elite pitch competition gathering outstanding seed/early stage investment opportunities – the  DEVELOPNEUR Protégés – eloquently presenting their product, market & competitive edge, team, past invested resources & resulting outcomes, present required resources & expected outcomes. JOIN NOW!


DEVELOPNEUR (formerly known as CHINICT Hackathons & Protégés) was born in Beijing in 2011 at CHINICT – Asia’s largest conference for tech innovators & entrepreneurs founded in 2005 in Beijing (DEVELOPNEUR belongs and is operated by the same organizer as CHINICT).

Since 2011,
DEVELOPNEUR has been giving the possibility to hundreds of elite developers-entrepreneurs and protégés carefully selected among thousands of applicants to produce and showcase early stage innovation to some of the largest investors and technology providers on the planet.



Digital Economy & Innovation Minister Fleur Pellerin

French Minister of Digital Economy & Innovation

Digital Economy & Innovation Minister Fleur Pellerin

British Telecom Group Chairman Sir Rake

Chairman of British Telecom Group

British Telecom Group Chairman Sir Rake

Universal Music France President Pascal Negre

President of Universal Music France

Universal Music France President Pascal Negre

British Ambassador  Sir Ricketts

British Ambassador to France

British Ambassador Sir Ricketts

EU-FR Digital Champ' Gilles Babinet

EU Commission + French Government Digital Champion

EU-FR Digital Champ' Gilles Babinet

Internet's Founding Father Louis Pouzin

Internet's Father

Internet's Founding Father Louis Pouzin








The DEVELOPNEUR Hackathon is open free of charge to elite developers – both student and non-student – coming from all over the world. If you are selected as a developer, DEVELOPNEUR offers you a chance to:

. Join the prestigious DEVELOPNEUR Hackathon, create successful teams, benefit from world-class mentoring, and develop great applications running on the world’s leading and rising platforms;
. Showcase & pitch your applications on-stage to a committee of high profile investors & luminaries;
. Obtain outstanding communication & networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs & developers, leading media, investors, luminaries during the DEVELOPNEUR’s competition,  award ceremony and closing cocktail;
. Win the prestigious DEVELOPNEUR Award (and possibly additional prizes);
. Turn your killer application into a company – funded by some of the high profile investors attending DEVELOPNEUR;
. Get recruited by world-class tech leaders and startups who partner with DEVELOPNEUR.


To join the
DEVELOPNEUR Hackathon as a developer, you may apply by sending an email to developer (at) developneur (dot) org – explaining:

1) Which
entity (company, university) and country you come from;

2) Which computer languages and platforms you are comfortable with;

3) Which application you would ideally like to develop at DEVELOPNEUR (1-2 sentences max.);

4) Which key applications you have developed in the past (1-2 sentences max.);

5) Whether or not you are applying to DEVELOPNEUR jointly with an existing team.

Applying now is recommended as space is limited – and selection of the best developers has already started.


Free of charge to join, the DEVELOPNEUR Protégés’ program is strictly targeted at recently founded seed/early stage companies with limited angel money, yet an existing team, product and buzz – whose goal is to raise a series A round during DEVELOPNEUR or shortly after. If you are selected as a DEVELOPNEUR Protégé, we offer you a chance to:

. Pitch your company on-stage during DEVELOPNEUR – to a jury of world-class investors;
. Get funding from these investors and others attending DEVELOPNEUR;
. Obtain great media exposure;
. Network with other entrepreneurs and developers as well as decision-makers from the VC and tech industry at the DEVELOPNEUR’s competition, award ceremony and closing cocktail;
. Win the prestigious DEVELOPNEUR Award.


To apply and get a chance to be selected as a
DEVELOPNEUR Protégé, you must follow the 3 following steps.

. You must first create a 2 min. max. video pitch (webcam of you talking is acceptable) – covering the 5 following points: 1) What your company does – including a 30 second max. demo of your product/service 2) The market where you compete and your competitive edge 3) Who you and your team are 4) How much money you invested so far and which results you obtained 5) How much money you are seeking to raise, to attain which objectives, over which period of time.

. Then, you must send the link to this video pitch as well as a Powerpoint presentation (10 slides maximum) covering the same topics – to Ophelie Dupont at ophelie (at) developneur (dot) org

. At last, from the day you are selected, you should have as many different people as possible vouching for your company on Twitter and/or Weibo using hashtag #DEVELOPNEUR. This buzz will play a significant part in raising your profile among the jury of investors that will evaluate your company.

Applying early is recommended as space is limited – and selection of the best DEVELOPNEUR Protégés has already started.

PARIS –  MARCH 15th, 16th, 17th, 2014

Saturday March 15th 2014, at Telecom-ParisTech

08:30 Registration + Networking + Beginning of Hackathon Teams’ Creation

09:00 Opening Speeches + Sponsors’ Presentation + Challenges’ Announcement

10:00 Finalizing Hackathon Team’s Creation + Coding Start

Sunday March 16th 2014, at Telecom-ParisTech

09:00 Hacks’ Pre-Evaluation of each team + Recommendation for Final Demos

15:00 Start Getting the Hacks Demos’ Videos

17:00 Coding Ends and Each Hackathon’s & Protégés’ Team Has Two Minutes to Demo & Convince the Jury

Monday March 17th 2014, at The UK Ambassador’s Residence

18:30 Award Ceremony & Closing Cocktail at the UK Ambassador’s Residence in Paris


Depending on the chosen package,  benefits may include the following items.

. Access to qualified talents and/or seed/early stage investment opportunities tailored to your investment criteria.

. 2 days coaching & evaluating elite developers – using your services, platform or tools.

. Challenge elite developers to produce applications fitting your own needs.

. Invite developers from your community, who get automatic access to DEVELOPNEUR.

. Co-preside or/and join the jury evaluating each developers’ & protégés’ team final project.

. Give/Co-brand DEVELOPNEUR Awards rewarding the developers’ & protégés’ winning teams.

. A chance to leverage on the outstanding online & off-line buzz generated by DEVELOPNEUR.

. Unparalleled VIP networking during the DEVELOPNEUR Awards ceremony & closing cocktail.


We have different kinds of turn-key sponsoring packages available and, when necessary, we always do our best to develop the sponsoring solution that best suits your needs.

Please email us at sponsor (at) developneur (dot) org – and tell us which company you are from and what your objectives are.

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